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How To Play

The puzzles will play directly in any browser that supports JavaScript (Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc). To get started, pick a puzzle from the navigation panel on the left. The puzzle will open in your browser with a word and clue already selected. The selected word will be highlighted on the grid with grey blocks. The selected letter square will be highlighted in yellow. This is where the character you type will appear. To start solving the puzzle, type the answers on your keyboard. Clicking the selected square of a letter that is used in both an across word and a down word will toggle the direction. If you want to go to a different word, click on any other square on the grid, also, you can click on any of the clues and the word will be selected on the grid.

If you get stuck, there are three buttons at the bottom of the puzzle that can give you varying levels of assistance...
The Check button will check your answers. Any incorrect letters will be marked with an 'X'.

The Reveal Letter button will show you the letter in the currently selected square.
The Reveal Word button will show you the currently selected word.
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